Create more brilliance | Celebrations on the upgrade of Dongzheng Foundation to Dongqing Group “Towards the future, create more brilliance!” In order to achieve the five-year strategic goal of five billion yuan and meet the requirements of the company’s large-scale development, with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China, on May 8, 2018, “Dongzheng Foundation” was successfully upgraded to “ Dongqing Foundation Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Dongqing Group”).   Dongqing Foundation Group Co., Ltd.

Upper North Shore Townhouse Project by Dongzheng Australia Exclusively When it comes to the north shore of Sydney, with flowers, trees, high-quality people, and so on, various “luxury” vocabularies should be heard. Here at home, my heart is peaceful! The Townhouse project built by Dongzheng Australia, is located in the heart of Turramurra, an upscale affluent area on the Upper North Shore. The transportation and shopping facilities are convenient. Nearby famous schools and parks are within easy reach. Various public

We are coming, we are different and please contact us! With blue sea and sky, and cheerful notes carring the blessings from distant home country, you can sail across the ocean to the other side of the ocean and play exciting music in Sydney, Australia! Dongzheng Enterprise finally has its own home on this exotic land, and the Australian branch was established. The new office is located on the main street of Sydney city centre, in a prime location on George Street. It

Mr. Li Dongyang (James) is the founder of Dongzheng Enterprise Group (formerly known as Henan Dongfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.). Mr. Li Dongyang (James) is the founder of Dongzheng Enterprise Group (formerly known as Henan Dongfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.). Dongzheng Enterprise Group has been endorsed by the government’s grant of Grade-1 National Qualification in Real Estate Development, the highest industrial rank in China. In past decade, Dongzheng Enterprise Group has successfully completed a number of development projects

Dongzheng Enterprise property Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. (‘Dongzheng Enterprise Australia’) is a subsidiary of One of China’s largest property developers—Dongzheng Enterprise Group in China. With nearly 10 years of experience in developing quality real estate, the Group has successfully implemented innovative concepts into various property development models in high-end residential and commercial developments. Besides, as the Chinese pioneer of mixed-use real estate development, Dongzheng Enterprise Group also boasts a wide and diverse business scope ranging from hotel management, property management,

After a decade of successful development, Dongzheng Enterprise Group is now on a steady and diversified development path with three core businesses: residential development, commercial complex and hotel development and management. A positive corporate image has been established in the progressive development process. Dongzheng Enterprise Australia will follow its parent company’s step, striving for developing more quality properties and service for local residents and overseas investors. Dongzheng Enterprise Australia built its Australian operations on the strength of its local team. The

As one of leading company in the industry, Dongzheng Enterprise Group also has rich experience in hotel operation and management. This has become a strong support of Dongzheng Enterprise Australia’s hotel development business in Australia. Dongzheng Enterprise Australia has also set up a local team with stable staff structure, industry proficiency, professional work experience, widely resourceful, aiming for providing complete management service for hotels chains. The company will only select commercial lands with high potential to conduct business, meanwhile