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Upper North Shore Townhouse Project by Dongzheng Australia Exclusively

When it comes to the north shore of Sydney, with flowers, trees, high-quality people, and so on, various “luxury” vocabularies should be heard. Here at home, my heart is peaceful! The Townhouse project built by Dongzheng Australia, is located in the heart of Turramurra, an upscale affluent area on the Upper North Shore. The transportation and shopping facilities are convenient. Nearby famous schools and parks are within easy reach. Various public facilities are available. It can be described as a real spiritual place on the North Shore suburb! Coupled with stable property market performance and value-added potential, it is definitely a good choice for self-occupation or investment. “Can’t copy, expensive lot!” You deserve it!


The townhouse project reflects the unique noble value, totally of 11 units, which are all 3 bedrooms plus study, each with 1 to 2 parking spaces and a private elevator. All design elements and details have been carefully carved, and the color palette from the exterior to the interior is dominated by warm tones, adding a sense of tranquility and cosines. Flowers, grasses and branches are flourishing, and some of them are snaking up and down to the courtyard. The flowers are lush and verdant, and they can be in close contact with nature every day. The elevator installation will greatly facilitate the elderly and the disabled residents, in order to provide more customer base choices, and create a perfect living experience.


At present, the team of Dongzheng is committed to the optimization of the design plan and strives to create a fine residential property. (Refer to the land scene) Closely cooperate with interior designer PBD Architecture, structural engineer, pneumatic engineer Adams Consulting Engineers, including apartment orientation, room layout, elevator installation applicability, etc.


Thermal Insulation Material Selection for Buildings: Good building materials often give people a fine taste of the remaining sweet, impressive and at the same time also play a role in the protection of the building itself. A good thermal insulation material ensures that the temperature of the room changes slowly with the outside temperature, minimizing the deformation of the internal building materials due to thermal expansion and contraction.


Debugging of visual perception of light: areas with different functions often have different requirements for the visual effects of light perception, so as to protect our spiritual window to the greatest degree and reduce visual fatigue. A drowsy bedroom, a comfortable and pervious study room, and a spacious and warm living room can all be created with light perception.


Air circulation comfort: Good aerodynamics will provide a comfortable indoor environment while also reducing the house’s dependence on the use of air conditioning energy. Really achieve low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

The division of space layout: good spatial layout will improve the quality of life, reasonable layout for the family’s daily indoor walking, and the use of supporting facilities. Maximize the sharing of public space and the independence of private space. Intimate human design allows every family member to rest comfortably in this cozy harbor during busy work and study.


(Rendering CGI of local town center with new planning)

The North Sydney housing market has always been known as “lean and expensive”. In the process of market transformation, North suburb’s house price is considered to be a barometer of the market. Unique regional values make it incomparable to other parts of Sydney with the “price anti-risk ability”. Moreover, due to these areas, especially on the north shore, the land that can be developed is in short supply. Coupled with the influence of high-quality residents and commercial culture in the region, once the market has a high-quality property market, it will attract a large number of buyers.
The Townhouse project by Dongzheng Australia benefits from a good living environment, a high-quality population composition, and convenient transportation and facilities conditions that make them stand out in many quality homes.

Covering an area of 2,300 square meters, it consists of 11 modern minimalist style townhouses. The architecture and interior decoration is carried out by the top designer PBD, from the framework to the details, from the selection of materials to the color, from the apartment type to the landscape, dotted with the designer’s wisdom and ideals. The overall use of a super standard, quasi-elegant design, luxury interior, all three-story villas all come with an internal elevator, designed to create a supreme home for the elite residents. It is located on a quiet street just a 9-minute walk from Turramurra Railway Station and Bus Terminal. At the same time, it is adjacent to the language schools and small business districts in the area. Supermarkets, food courts, shopping areas, hospitals, and nearby amenities greatly satisfy the daily needs of residents.


Education resources has almost become the pride of Turramurra, from public schools to church schools and educational facilities for preschool education. The urban environment is elegant and green. There are a number of national parks that integrate leisure facilities with leisure and relaxation, providing residents with a relaxing place to relax. And near the large Avondale golf course, golf lovers are provided with convenience.
Close to Pacific Highway, just over 20 minutes driving to the famous Chinese suburb such as Hornsby, Chatswood. And only 9 minutes’ walk from Turramurra train station and bus terminal, as well as local language school and small business district.

Let us wait and see! The Townhouse project built by Dongzheng Australia will surely become the new benchmark for the local residential market!

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