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With blue sea and sky, and cheerful notes carring the blessings from distant home country, you can sail across the ocean to the other side of the ocean and play exciting music in Sydney, Australia!

Dongzheng Enterprise finally has its own home on this exotic land, and the Australian branch was established. The new office is located on the main street of Sydney city centre, in a prime location on George Street. It has just been completed with the most beautiful appearance, welcoming all parties and friends.



High-rise housing estates, stop in front of the window, you can wait and enjoy the spring, summer and autumn view with the city’s beauty.

The spacious and bright office space, comfortable and user-friendly design concept, and a touch of table corners, will make you feel warm and happy.



The fragrant flowers, warm and thoughtful staff, here is your “home”! We have come, we are not the same, we have the most persistent dream!



Strong Background Strength

Dongzheng Enterprise Australia is a subsidiary of the well-known Chinese company “Dongzheng Group”. Dongzheng Group was founded by Mr. Li Dongyang and had been established for nearly 10 years. It is a real estate development-oriented group company. Its business covers a wide range of areas such as hotel management, property management, decoration, education, etc. It has become the leading company among Chinese real estate development industry. And it has built a good reputation and brand image in the industry.



With strong corporate strength and a magnificent development perspective, Dongzheng Group boldly stepped out of China and came to beautiful Australia. We are deeply proud of our parent company’s contribution to the prosperity and development of China’s real estate market in the past few years. We will use this as our motivation and confidence to look forward to drawing a new blueprint on this land in a foreign country!



Mature Company Structure

Dongzheng Enterprise Australia was registered in 2016. We have mature compnay structure including project development department, sales department, engineering department and accounting department, with dozens of employees. “Selecting fellow travelers” Dongzheng Enterprise Australia has reserved a large number of outstanding industry talents through scientific and rigorous human resources strategic planning, high standards and diversified talent introduction mechanisms. The employees currently serving in the Sydney office are all senior professionals with professional real estate and financial knowledge in Australia.

Moreover, we always strictly screen first-line famous brand design companies and architecture or construction teams in terms of planning and design, and “zero tolerance for all defects”. We only seek to cooperate with Australia’s large-scale construction builders with first-class and special qualifications to create advanced landscape designs, unique and novel architectural styles and high quality housing.



Brand Development Concept

With rich real estate development experience, Dongzheng Enterprise Australia takes “Exclusive Development, Quality Projects” as its development strategy and adhering to the core values of “Quality, Integrity, and Excellence”. Currently, the company is working hard to develop first-rate civil residential properties in high-quality locations in various suburbs of Sydney. And we would like to provide high-end, modern and multi-functional stylish residential communities for the family and people living in Australia.



We will always be committed to the road of brand development, with the goal of “building elite residential house and achieving a perfect life”, and making the “Dongzheng” series of high-quality projects inherited from abroad. Our projects would be emerged from the homogenization of Australian real estate projects, in order to change the city life with a craftsman.



Building a City, Building a Home,

and Building the Future

The hawk hits the sky and fights! Supported by a parent company with high reputation and rich industry experience, and following the entrepreneurial spirit of “responsibility, efficiency, results-oriented, pragmatic and innovative”, we can believe that Dongzheng Enterprise Australia will rapidly thrive in Australia! We want to create an industry benchmark and become an international “Chinese New Star Business Card” in real estate market!

“Customers are the source of our survival and development!” Our service philosophy is not only satisfied with the completion of customer’s requirements, but also continue to pursue beyond the customer’s expected results. We are not only selling a property, moreover we are creating a high quality and convenient Australian life for customers!

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue! We also open a warm embrace and sincerely welcome more friends inside and outside the industry, in order to build a wonderful future!
Happy Chinese New Year!


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