Brand Philosophy

Dongzheng Enterprise property Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd. (‘Dongzheng Enterprise Australia’) is a subsidiary of One of China’s largest property developers—Dongzheng Enterprise Group in China. With nearly 10 years of experience in developing quality real estate, the Group has successfully implemented innovative concepts into various property development models in high-end residential and commercial developments. Besides, as the Chinese pioneer of mixed-use real estate development, Dongzheng Enterprise Group also boasts a wide and diverse business scope ranging from hotel management, property management, building decoration and education.


In its branding strategy, Dongzheng Enterprise Australia adheres to the Group’s core values of ‘building a beautiful new life, taking “Specialization in real estate, creation of superior quality” as a strategic policy, aiming to deliver high-end properties that meets customers demand. During planning and design, Dongzheng Enterprise Australia is committed to utilize local know-how and expertise to drive all business operations. From acquisition to delivery, every project is managed by locally employed staff with proven track records in their areas of expertise, and leading consultants who are highly regarded in the industry will also support these staff. The key focus for each element of the development team is to ensure the timely delivery of projects with an assurance to quality.


With the support of the parent company, Dongzheng Enterprise Australia will grow vigorously. With the help of parent company’s high-grade human, material and financial resources, Dongzheng Enterprise Australia is able to study and analyze the particularity of local real estate market in Australia incessantly. By taking full advantage of its parent company’s rich real estate experience, it is believed that Dongzheng Enterprise Australia will deliver more high-end properties and hotels, and provide comprehensive and intimate services for local residents. The company’s service philosophy is not only satisfied with meeting customers needs, but also continue to pursue beyond customer’s expectation. What we sell is not only a property, but also a quality and convenient lifestyle.

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